Limb Salvage

Our team of experts specialize in limb salvage and wound healing.

What is Limb Salvage?

Blockages in the arteries due to Arterial insufficiency, diabetic arterial disease, peripheral arterial disease, as well as venous hypertension and venous pressure can cause nonhealing wounds which lead to amputations. Limb salvage is a technique done by Vascular Surgeons to re-supply or revascularize the supply of blood to the affected limb if needed all the way down to the toes allowing the wounds to heal and the individual to keep the limb.

Our Vascular Surgeons are certified wound care specialists as well and can provide the best treatment options available for wound care and Limb Salvage.


Ankle Brachial Index or ABI test and other Doppler and Duplex ultrasound scans. These tests will assess the flow of blood to the limb and the state of the blockage.


There are several appropriate treatment techniques to help salvage limbs that have been affected by a lack of blood supply. Your vascular Surgeon will recommend Lifestyle modifications including exercise and healthy eating, medication management, as well as the below surgical techniques.

Bypass surgeries are performed on affected arteries leading to the limbs which have for one reason or another become narrowed or occluded and have stopped supplying the adequate amount of blood to the limb. In this surgery, a human vein or artificial graft is placed in the blocked vessel area allowing the blood to freely flow to the affected limb.

An angioplasty and stent techniques is performed to open the vessel wall and maintain an adequate diameter for the proper amount of blood to flow through and adequately supply oxygen-rich blood to the limbs. Our surgeons perform vascular intervention both above and below the knee all the way down to the toes to allow for the maximum amount of blood flow to the affected limb.